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Building Codes

Building codes follow a hierarchy of design. Building codes are set nationally, yet vary nationwide as they are adopted by each state, city and county (jurisdiction); they may also be “Grandfathered in” which determines compliance on behalf of the property owner.

When a particular building code is implemented or updated, the jurisdiction does not expect all home owners to update their homes to the code, this is known as “Grandfathered in”. The jurisdiction will only require update to the code if a permit for the specific area in question is pulled.

Home inspection, however, does not cover code compliance. Once areas of concern are identified, recommendations are made to redress them without identifying them as a “code violation”. Subsequently the property owner hires a qualified contractor to determine possible code violations and offer a cost estimate for required repairs.

After the inspector identifies all areas of concern, a contractor should determine possible code violations, necessary repairs and cost estimates.

Building Codes September 29, 2016

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Property Inspection – Glendale, CA

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Glendale, CA. 91226

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